Party Activities:

At The Birthday Barn, a wagon ride is included your child's party. Children and adults alike will tour the farm to visit a variety of animals. All will learn about the different farm animals and their habitats. Party activities are subject to change. Alcohol is not permitted at children's' birthday parties.

Animal Barn and Chicken Coop:

Children will visit a barn where goats are housed. There, they will have the opportunity to feed the goats. They will also visit our chicken coop to see our variety of chickens and have the opportunity to hold one. Children will learn about the animals and their habitats. Pellets are provided to feed the goats.

Horse Stables/Pens:

Children will visit the horses, have an opportunity to pet them, and learn about their needs.


Children will have the opportunity to visit and pet the pigs at the pig's pen.


Children will pet the bunnies and learn about their needs.


Cheshire Hollow Farm is home to Miniature Irish Jersey Cows that the children may have the opportunity to visit.

Nature Hike and Scavenger Hunt

The children may also hike on a  groomed trail on the 100 acre farm for a combined nature hike and scavenger hunt. Children will search for items in nature, including animal tracks, wildflowers, nests, feathers, and more. As children trek around the woods, they'll be taught the importance of preserving our Earth to sustain wildlife.

Seasonal Activities

Various seasonal activities are offered. Some examples are: 

Fall Nature Hike:

The cool, crisp autumn air makes it the best time of year for hiking! Pine cones and acorns carpet the forest floor and leaves are bursting with colors.

Winter Birthday Parties:

Do not fear if Old Man Winter made a snowy-wonderland out of your party day. Cheshire Hollow Farm is transformed to a winter wonderland when it snows! Call Dawn for more information about a winter themed party at the Birthday Barn. 203-500-9288

Baby Animals:

We look forward to baby animals year round on the farm. Kids, chicks, calves, and baby bunnies are expected throughout the year.