Our Animals

Cheshire Hollow Farm is home to a variety of animals. We give away our bunnies to loving homes free of charge. Further details about our rabbits and other animals are located below. If you are interested in purchasing an animal, please call Dawn at (203) 500-9288.


PRICE: Donations

INFORMATION:  Baby bunnies due soon.

Cheshire Hollow Farm is giving away baby bunnies and asking for donations to support someone in need or a local animal shelter. No donation is too small. Thank you to everyone that is providing bunnies with loving homes.

Please visit our facebook page for current pictures and to learn where proceeds will be donated.

Chickens and Chicks


PRICE: $5 / ea. when available

Call Dawn for more information: (203) 500-9288

Please visit our facebook page for current pictures.

Pygmy Goats

PRICE: Kids $200 / ea.

INFORMATION: Kids are neutered and hooves are trimmed

Our goats do not come with papers and if not pure pygmy may be mixed with Nigerean Dwarf..

Many people keep goats as  pets, and their popularity is growing. Unlike most full-sized goats, the pygmy/Nigerean Dwarf breeds are friendly and personable. Some say they make even better pets than dogs! Unlike a dog,these goats do not bite, making them a great pet for families with small children. If you are interested in acquiring a unique pet like a  goat, please check with your local zoning regulations.

For more information, contact Dawn at (203) 500-9288. Please visit our facebook page for current pictures.

Irish Jersey Miniature Calves

PRICE: Call for price.

INFORMATION: Our Belmont (Irish Jersey) Miniature calves are of pedigreed breeding stock. They are "All Natural Grass Fed Beef."

There are over 800 different breeds of cattle, however, only 26 breed categories of miniature cattle are listed in the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry. Miniature cattle are gaining in popularity as farm sizes continue to shrink. This is because the total beef production per acre is much greater with smaller cattle. The pasture area these cattle require can vary, but the general rule is two miniature cattle per acre. The Irish Jersey Miniature Cattle have been developed for their temperament and for breeders to have as pets, bring to cattle shows, use as mini-milkers, use for grass fed beef, and use for organic beef. Miniature Irish Jersey bulls produce excellent quality beef as well. 

For more information, contact Dawn at (203) 500-9288. Please visit our facebook page for current pictures.